Monday, February 1, 2010


Well... as much as I would like to update this more often, I've been busy lately.

Truth be told, the rapid-fire postings that I did in the tail-end of the last year were partly in thanks to a lack of employment. I had time to think things over and write up a few posts.

Sadly, I've been drafting 2 different posts on my laptop for the last month or so, but haven't written enough in either case to allow me to bother with posting. One is a correction to a previous post which I feel that I need a little help with completing properly and the other is a bit of a run-down/top-10 list of sites that I feel need to be made more public... at least, in top-10 list form. All of them, of course, being Photographer's sites.

Nonetheless, I think I may need to heed the advice of a former colleague and develop a schedule for myself. Every monday... write a post. Actually, his advice was every wednesday...but even he abandoned that in favour of a higher frequency, which to my chagrin is something I cannot do, but works fantastically for him. He discusses near-political and transit-based matters, which provide a lot of fodder for him. Give him a read at
[p.s his blog's name is meant to be ironic, but his content is not]

Having said that... I think I'm done for this post. I've said my piece (or is it Peace?)

See you losers in another 2 months. :P :)