Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"No Questions Asked"

This phrase amuses me to a small degree. Companies that adopt this policy on returns, rock. Companies that don't, suck. And there are some companies out there that should be in the middle. "Few Questions Asked"

Like... Was it damaged in the Box? Did the product fail within first few uses? Did it not meet your requirements? Did it fail to get you off? Did it succeed at getting you herpes? and so on, and so on.

Seriously though... When an item sucks, and you want to bring it back and get a refund/exchange, I think you should be able to state exactly why you are bringing it back. "It sucked harder than "

Seriously. I would love that, just so i could do something like... Go to HMV and say "This Creed CD sucks". But I'd do that to hear the clerk say "yeah? that would be because Creed sucks" or some other sarcastic line.

But enough about Creed... Speaking of Jesus Rock... This weekend is Zombie Christ day. Be sure to make brains for brunch! (substitute caviar [no... not headcheese, that IS brains] and no one will be the wiser)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And Update... and CIAS

Toronto is a funny place. There is a... There are entire cultures of people that are one of the following: anti-car and/or anti-bike and/or anti-TTC. And yet, when mid-winter arrives, we go into full-blown trade-show mode. When February rolls around, one of the biggest events in Toronto is held... The Canadian International Auto Show [fka The Toronto Car Show] that draws in thousands hoping to get a look at the next hottest things on the road, and maybe to literally kick a few tires - although, Mini prefers you screech them.

Ironic however, is how there is a nice gap between the Car show and the Annual Bike Show (This weekend... right now... as I type this... and I'm 150km away, in the suburb of Cheektowaga, New York - Far from home, and further from my beloved bicycle. At least, it feels like that cause I hate riding when its cold

Suffice to say, I went to the car show, because A) it was something to do B) I'm looking for a new car and C) it was chance to pull the camera out and fire off a few hundred shots. Of those... I have published 70 to Flickr.

Suffice to say, I walked away from the auto show, with a few pamphlets and a couple of shopping bags - 2 red (kinda crappy) Toyota bags and one fricken sweet graphic Kia bag with the Forte on one side and the Borrego on the other. Kia is really making a push to convert people and honestly, right now, bang for the buck, they offer the best stuff on the road. The bonus is... their cars stop and go when they're supposed to! To be honest... I've been loving my Toyota for the last 4 years, but I am far from inspired when it comes to getting into a new one. Recalls aside, Toyota has mismanaged and craptacularized their cars in the last few years. Most manufacturers have.

Things as simple as making Automatic transmissions and all power group (doors, windows, mirrors) standard in base models. Making more sensible engine options available across the trim... wait, no... scratch that. Trim lines are BS. They shouldn't exist, especially if theres any bit of overlap between one model to the next. A Fully Loaded Compact, should not be the same or more expensive than the Midsize's second-from-base-model. That's just complete bullshit and is just one reason why people aren't interested in certain trims. When you sell 20,000 base models, 10,000 "luxury" models and <5,000 "sport" models.

Anyhow... I had more to say, but Blogspot decided to eat half my entry/rant and messed up the order of my photos. So, suffice to say.... %^&$ it... here's some pics

I would love to have this one... that's for sure. Fully electric roadster that has a top speed 200+ and range of 250km? Hell Yeah.

Yeah... this one too.

Scions are cool too... especially when they're modded up (aren't they all)

The classic car of my dreams... one day... one day...

Autobots... Show Off!


That's all for now... I'll probably update again in another 2months! See you then!