Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog Revision...

I wasn't overly happy with the way this blog displayed in native format, respective to the way the template is set up. The width is set to 500px, which i find somewhat insulting in this day and age of wide-screen LCD monitors. It has bothered me for quite sometime that there are quite a few websites out there that conform to the shitty 800x600 format still. THIS IS ARCHAIC.

Hell... I remember when everything went from 640x480 to 800x600... that was about 8-10years ago or so. I can't remember when exactly, but the fact that places like Myspace, Facebook, Blogspot, LiveJournal and the like all employ a standard thats somewhere near 10years in age, is really sad. True, there are many users out there that are still rocking shitty CRTs, set to resolutions less than 1024x768... but these will eventually go the way of the Dodo.

Back when i used Myspace (which was for a few months back in 2006), I took it upon myself to find a template that I could tweak the hell out of to gain a wider stance on my screen. The end result was a myspace page that was approximately 1200x850 or so. It looked awesome on 17'' monitors... not so great on other sizes. Nonetheless, I saw potential and reason to expand past the 600px wide constriction imposed by that bastard Tom.

In this new age of Social Media, we ought to be able to make things look better. We ought to be able to present information and content in a visually appealing manner. We ought to be able to maintain a fresh apperance. We ought to be able to be concurrent with the technology that we use. We aren't publishing newspaper articles, making them sized for printing. The New York Times has the motto: "All the news fit to print". That'd be Fit in the worthiness sense, not in the case of sizing. The internet is not constrained to these understandabel restrictions. Bloggers should be able to Print to Fit; that is... Write what they want, to the size they want. At least, that's how i want to interpret it as.

[While i'm at it... Spellcheckers can use updating too. Why isn't Blogspot or Wysiwyg okay by this websites own spellchecker?]

So... here we are. This is as best as i can do before it starts getting weird. Suffice to say, this wysiwyg format that Blogspot has... is not wysiwyg and that's a problem for me when i post photos. I like to line up paragraphs with the photos they are discussing. Maybe I'm alone on this, but i think that should be easily controlled by the user. I doubt it'd be a crazy amount of extra coding... After all, you can adjust picture justification settings at upload to your liking. Why can't we line pics up?

Maybe I should just conform my photos to 800x600 and use the pictures to break paragraphs... Maybe i should...


I'm done here. Thank you for reading this rant.

Earth Hour results

Lets start this off with saying... I like living in Toronto, but because of its horrible transition through the years, its become a bit of a travesty in terms of architecture, land planning and what not. Last night I got a glimpse of how sadly true this is when i went out on a photographic adventure.

If you are familiar with Cherry Street, then you are probably aware of some of the buildings down there. The most poignant of which, that demonstrates my point is currently occupied by "Quantex". I am not sure what this building was once used for, but it appears to have been a Bank - built at least in the 30s? I imagine there was good cause for it to be built there (as a bank for longshoreman?)

Now, it stands vigilante, amongst a sad and pathetic industrial backdrop. If anything, this building is definitely a gem amongst boulders and slag. Kudos to
Quantex for reappropriating this building for their office. From what I saw in the two windows, it looked extremely modern inside and well appointed. [Note: After reading their website, their choice of location makes a lot of sense given the history of that area (side note: if anyone knows a better link in regards to pollution in the portlands, please let me know!)]

Other examples of forgotten history can be found through out Toronto - two good examples being on Yonge, just north of Queen.

Having said that... The portlands are an interesting area filled with industrial goodies for the urban explorer/modern archaeologist armed with a camera.

The only reason why I was actually down there last night was to take skyline photos. I would've gone down the Leslie Street Spit, except that's a bird sanctuary and it smells bad down there (at least during the day it does, i'm not going to find out if the night is bad too)

Anyhow... here are some of the results of my exploration.

This one was taken at Ashbridges Bay, from the little "lookout point" on the side of the road, opposite the bay to the Sewage Treatment plant (pictured). Sewage is hardly a beautiful thing, but when the plant is lit up at night and you view it from that point, it's gorgeous.

This here, was taken about... 8:40-ish, on Lakeshore Blvd, just west of Leslie. I parked at Cdn. Tire and walked over to the median to catch this one. It's a neat picture because under normal circumstances, you would see the skyscrapers from here. They were all observing Earth Hour, and so, were not lit up like usual. Only the navigation warning lights flickered on the CN Tower.

Sadly... this one was taken at 9:27. YES, 9:27!! I missed my opportunity to catch the downtown core from this angle (Traintracks over Cherry Street)

Actually, truth be told. I was hoping to get a pic of the CN Tower lit, and the other skyscrapers still off. I lucked out that the CN Tower was fired up ahead of schedule.

This is somewhat disappointing if this was done unintentionally. The CN Tower is supposed to be a communications tower and what not. The poor timing of lights-on shows that they aren't communicating very well with the outside world. That, or any report of what the real time is from them... should be ignored.

At the tone, it will be 2:00pm.

beep beep

This freighter was docked at one of the piers just off Cherry Street. I thought the lighting was rather interesting, so i'd grab a few shots.

I was rather unaware that the sky was overcast at the time, so the colour is a bit strange. This is the true colour as far as I can discern, based on the white balance of the Forecastle of this freighter.

That, and other pics are similar.

Interesting note: there is a disturbance in the water to the right in the frame there. That was a duck. Because this was a long exposure (i think 20secs?) the duck turned into a blob.

A Stalwart of the oldways. I dunno if it's modern technology that has done away with them, or if it's a matter of Toronto harbour being relatively easy to navigate large ships into... or even, a matter of modernized replacements, but every now and then, you see a poor creature of the tubboat kind sitting on drydock, rusting the rest of its life away.

It appears that Kenneth A has sat here for a while. How long? I do not know... at least a few months - at least longer than this past winter.

It's been a few weeks since i first spied this guy from the Gardiner, and thought "that'd be a cool pic to take". Last night, i took the chance.

At this point, I was no longer alone... about 50 feet away was a creature that I have seen in the past in rare occasions... however, in the past, I never saw one of this size. A Red Fox. I mean... this guy (or girl) was big. Really big. About the size of a Springer Spaniel or so? Foxes i've seen in the past have been more the size of a Cocker Spaniel or so. Sadly, i could not take a photo of it as it was dark and I don't have a fast telephoto. I was working with my 50mm prime (f/1.8)

This is the external staircase of the Essroc [Italcementi] Elevator-type building/edifice/concrete monolith. I liked how the light played off the support beams, so i snapped this one. It kinda looks blurry which is strange, because i was focussed fairly well - I may've bumped the tripod but i cannot be too sure of that. It's possible that despite being on solid concrete and soil, vibrations from vehicles passing by on Cherry street actually affected this shot in a negative way.


Rounding out the night, my last stop was RC Harris Filtration. However, due to construction and what not, I opted not to take any photos of that beautiful example of Art Deco. Perhaps another time, eh?

So... the parting shot. These photos were taken using 3 of my 4 lenses. The shots on Lakeshore were taken with my 35-80mm [a lens that i rarely use cause... it sucks], Skyline was taken using 50mm F/1.8 and 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6.

I did use my Lensbaby, however not for any of these shots. Night-time use is not something i've been able to do with that lens effectively. Given that it is a F2.0, it requires a steady hand for shots longer than say... 1/50th of a second. If i had the Control Freak, this would be a non-issue.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

It's getting close.
I've got my Camera ready... though the battery is charging.

Tonights objective: Earth Hour!

I'm going to head to various places with my Camera to take pics. One of which will be The Portlands. Perhaps another will be the Danforth Viaduct.

Not sure where else to go. We'll see i guess.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maintaining is such sweet sorrow...

I've been thinking about this whole blog thing... at least, offline. And I've come to the realization that in a previous entry, I laid out a groundwork for what I wanted to do here. The sick realization has come to me. To do what i said i wanted to do, would have me blogging non-stop. So, the solution? Blog when i can... about stuff that really matters to me. Sure, i like to discuss all sorts of things, but the truth is... i prefer to blog about what I like... directly. Like for instance - the elipsis. I can't get away from using it dot dot dot It's a sick obsession(?) that i continue to use it when a simple period should suffice. Anyhow... (damnit) I'm really going to aim for a better organization of my thoughts here. First and foremost, I think a goal of mine here should be to explore and explain the function of a lens that i own, known as the Lensbaby 2.0. Now, i have to be upfront with what the Lensbaby 2.0 does. Perhaps i should just quote their website? Once again, i have to be upfront, informing you all that... the Lensbaby 2.0 is no longer in production... per se. Lensbaby reworked the product and it now has a different optics system, however the 2.0 is still around, albeit in the form of the "Muse" Here's what they have to say about it:

Bend it Baby! The Muse captures the spirit of Lensbaby photography, opening up a new realm of fun in focusing. Squeeze the Muse to focus, and bend your Sweet Spot around the photo.

Llike the Composer and the Control Freak, this little baby comes with Lensbaby's new Optic Swap System, offering artists an almost unlimited variety of looks and styles to capture their unique visions.

The Muse comes in two flavors. You can buy the Muse with the tack sharp Double Glass optic installed or get dreamy with the Plastic Optic version. Your choice!

The Lensbaby 2.0 is closer to the former, but I often feel that it's giving me the latter results - not by choice.

So, what does this lens do exactly? It imposses a selective focus on the area of your photo that you want attention tuned to. It does this by altering the lens's plane and DOF. The result is an effect of blur that can be likened to being gaussian or caused by motion. Another effect of the lens is control of Bokeh. This is the part that I absolutely love, despite my ability to control it and such.


This photo was achieved by arranging some coloured christmas lights, that under normal circumstances run along one ceiling corner, but with a hanger and some strategic manipulation, the result is such. The Heart shaped points of light themselves were a result of the aperture disk shape. In the creative kit you can buy for the lens baby, comes a heart and star shaped aperture disk, along with a half-dozen "blanks" for you to play with. So far, i've only made 2, and one of them didn't turn out quite right. The one that did, is a animal paw.

I hope to use that one more in the future. I have no furry house mates of my own, but i do have friends that do.

Anyhow... That's the heart shaped disk... Now the star shaped disk. This one has been a bit tricky for me to work with as I haven't come across any decent ideas as to what I can do with it. Incidently, I (by fluke) captured this *ahem* stellar pic of my friend Sara. Already a gorgeous woman... one would never dare think of how to make a photo of her more mystical... more celestial. In this awesome case, the photo turned out pretty well thanks to strategicly place light, though one could argue that it didn't hurt having a subject that just came in from poorly lit outside, into semi-well lit inside. The pupil dialiation is what makes this photo, i'm sure.

Friday, March 20, 2009



Awwww crap. It's -4 out!

What gives?


okay, 2nd worst... I seem to recall being in Grade 6 and suffering through much worse. That year, we were given a quite lazy teacher who often left us all waiting 5-10min outside after Lunch recess was done. I seem to recall that particular spring being horribly bitter cold AND windy.

Nevertheless... i remain hopeful

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Carsday!

Yep... once again, time for another mind-numbing installment featuring the topic of cars. This time... with Pics! Bear with me here... It's one thing to see what you're editing. It's another when the finished product is not what you saw in editing. Blogspot apparently is NOT wysiwyg.

First up...


Or as one newspaper stupidly called it. The Superport! (Man... does anyone spellcheck anymore? ro heva ew edvolde ntio tsuj shamgni ekys?)

What is so special about the supersport? Not a whole lot when i really think about it. At least, when i say this, i mean this in regards to what it means to 99% of drivers out there. But at the same time, understanding where this new version of the Conti comes from, it means a great deal.

Where does this Bentley come from? It comes from the minds of Porsche/VW AG's best people (i suppose that would be literally... this IS their flagship vehicle, or at least one of them)

So, the specialness of this car is that it is really powerful. As in... 600+hp powerful. But not only is it powerful, it's "
Green" too. It is able to run on Biofuel (E85 specifically) as well as regular gas or a combination of the two (so... E40?)

That's a pretty cool thing. I mean, a super luxury car able to run on various types of petroleum-based and like fuel. Too bad it comes what... a year too late? Yeah, i suppose that couldn't be predicted by Bentley, but Kudos for them trying. Lord knows few others have. (I'm waiting to see this treatment applied to the Conti's Italian cousins, Gallardo and Murcielago)

Next... The rise of the Sport Cute... or Cute CUV... No. Let's make that the Cute CUB. Let's face it... There's a disturbing trend beginning in the lower end of the automotive section. This horrible need for manufacturers to produce strange looking vehicles is alarming. I'm not sure, but it seems to have started with explosion in popularity of the Scion xB. Yes, there were other Box-type vehicle things before the xB (Element, Cube), and there will be many after it. It just seems strange that these kinds of cars are becoming popular. Granted, we are a society of materialistic pack-rats and this sort of thing is what we need. Don't get me started on some of the stupidity that I once saw when i worked at a place called Costco - so, i can fully appreciate this explosion of mini-minivans and mini-wagons.

The sad and stupid part is... there are too few of these offered in Canada. If I'm not mistaken, Nissan will be the first to offer one of these boxy little vehicles in Canada. That's unless Kia beats them to that punch. I know the Soul is on sale now, but I have yet to see one on the road.
On a side note - the Soul replaces the Spectra5... so does that mean there will be a similar offering from Hyundai?

My only concern with these small wagovancars is... WINTER. Most of these small cube-wagons lack the power to tackle the snow that we get. Trust me... I've seen it. Actually, I saw it in Lancaster, New York when a Scion xB tried to get into a Tim Horton's parking lot and got stuck AT THE CURB.

And with their smaller footprint and taller dimensions... I have this feeling of impending doom. Still... After having made two or three roadtrips in the last year or so, I would definitely love to have this sort of car myself. I alone appreciate the irony of how I once had a Pontiac Van, and never did any roadtrips in it... yet, with my current ride, I do. That extra space would be a godsend like no other to me.

This summer, I am already planning 2 trips to parts well north of here. The first requiring about 5 hours of driving, and the second requiring 7 hours - Both, involving camping. If anything, a wagon beats a sedan in carrying all the crazy crap that you end up realizing, that has to come with you. And it's in that sort of situation where, I look at the facts and realize... a small Cube would fit the Tesseract's life very well. ;)

Actually... now that I think of it... I think I will consider either the Soul or the Cube for my next vehicle. Why? Well... they both have really kick-ass names. Of course, most of my friends would expect me to get the Cube. They know me too well.

You're probably wondering what sort of stupidity I did see when I worked for Costco. To this day, these sorts of things still amuse me. At the same time, i feel bad for those times where I rolled my eyes at Customers who were helplessly inept in some aspects - Those were the ones that bought things like Big Screen TVs and thought they could fit them into their Dodge Caravan, only to discover that they couldn't - that being a shock to those involved. But the true stupids were... The guy in the BMW 318i, wedging a safety ladder and I think a desk console, through his hatch, right into the front passenger seat. The desk's box sticking out the back end by a good 3feet, the ladder a couple more. Then there was the lady with the Lexus, who proceeded to purchase $1000+ worth of groceries and asked me to shove it all in to her tiny little SC430.
(yes, it did work, but that's not the point). Then... there was the Cookie Lady, who drove an early 80's Stationwagon of some kind, which... as far as i could tell, was no longer roadsafe... yet, we proceeded to stuff over 500lbs of flour and sugar into the back of the wagon. It had no more springs...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashing and Streaking...

Having started this blog just a few days ago, explaining how I would like to focus my efforts on key subjects, I thought of the regularity of which said subjects could be discussed. Since, Wednesday was a car-blogging, then maybe another day can be a photography blogging? Friday, being the beginning of the weekend, I could discuss music. However, one could argue that it would be wiser to discuss music at the end of the weekend, after I have either a) downloaded and/or purchased new music or b) heard something new. Either way, I haven't got a concrete schedule that I can adhere to yet, and this early in the game, I probably shouldn't.

Today, is my first photo-blog entry, and I'm not sure what to talk about this (first) time. I suppose I can talk about some of the small little tricks I have learned in my short time as a serious, yet still amatuer photographer.

First, this is not just advice for photography, but for life. Start cheap. This isn't because you can get by with cheap, but rather because it's better to learn with cheap, growing into better equipment. I doubt some of the greatest photographers like Leibowitz or Adams started with the cameras that they took their most famous pictures with. The point i'm trying to make here is, it's with the less expensive equipment that you can get started and going. From the less expensive, you can learn the basics and some of the advanced too (if you're brave enough to explore some of the crazy features in your camera - I for one, am still looking for an opportunity to use MLU)

Second - Auto... learn to use it, learn to love it. It's in this mode that you can capture amazing shots without thinking. Why miss out on a killer shot by mucking about with your fancy Manual settings, when you don't have to? I started shooting Auto and Night-time before I ultimately moved to Tx (shutter priority). From Shutter Priority, I moved briefly to Aperture Priority (Ax), only to go back, before i went to Full Manual. It was in September of 2008, that I first went manual, successfully. To this day, I am still proud of that shot

Third -If anything I have learned [okay, observed] it's that if you find yourself in a photographic slump, there's 3 things you can do about it.

1) Do a little research on the net for tips and tricks.
I like to visit these three sites:
a) Strobist
b) DIYphotography
c) Instructables [note: i don't have a direct link for their photo stuff... couldn't find it]

Without a doubt, the modern digital photographer should be going to the first. The frugal and/or photographing newcomer, should be going to the the second and third as well. The latter two are actually good suggestions for getting close to professional results via methods that... well, professionals would balk at. Can't knock a cool photo now, can you? Anyhow... having said that, some of the projects on those two sites circumvent some crappy aspects of amatuer photography as well... like that of flashing with more power.

2) Join a photo club/blog/site.
If you're on Facebook, like so many of us are, there are hundreds of photoclubs. I alone, am in 3 different clubs, but I will admit, I don't really go to two of them often. I have found that these photoclubs can be a boon to a photographer looking for a challenge and for ideas. The reason being is, you can get a glimpse into what others are taking photos of. I do have to say though, I have a bit of a problem with some groups as they will allow users of point and shoot cameras in their contests, which i think is kind of cheating. More to the point, P&S users don't understand EXIF or the difficulty in making settings work. I'll admit, there are some fancy P&S cameras out there that do have full manual modes in them, but none have the control of a decent SLR. At least, in my experience. (Though the S5 and G9 are rather good).

Having said that... photoblogs and clubs are great for lists of ideas. Here's a sample list of what you can take pictures of:

Machinery * Religious Celebrations * Earth/Wind/Fire/Water * Around the House * Graffiti * Diagonals * Technology * Time * Glass/Crystal * Spring * Trees * Games * Feathers * Gardens * Many * Family Fun * At the Beach * Waterfalls * Architecture * Mountains * Boats/Ships * What's for Dinner? * Symmetry* Ruins * Toys * Pools/Fountains * Weddings * Music * One * Roads/Paths * Fluid * From the Underside * Secret Places * Fences/Walls/Gates * People at Work * Waves * Eggs * Spires/Steeples * Faces * Vases * Square * Attics/Cellars * Landmarks Ice * Centrepieces * Beverages * Grasses * Wood * Demolition * Collections * Books * Running * Fruit/Berries

3) The last suggestion is more of an idea that I'd rather not suggest, but it should be considered.

PUT THE CAMERA DOWN - at least for a while. I have found that the best way to get around a slump is to not be bothered by said slump. Putting the camera away for a while will force an abandonment of some bad techniques (theoretically) and will give you fresh eyes when you return to it. Sometimes, it helps to put it away so you can give thought to a technique you'd like to try. Thinking is good. Compose the shot as best as you can in your mind - think of how you need to set everything up and how to get there with your (available) equipment.

Having said all this... I'm currently trying to think through aperture designs for my Lensbaby.
My current project is attempting to create a zone plate for my lensbaby. Understandably, the creative aperture that I will eventually create will not be a true zone plate, but it will be the closest damn thing i can get to one. Naturally, a pinhole will be the easiest to accomplish (drill a hole in the aperture disk and bam! pinhole.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I for one, like so many others, do not like to take the garbage out. But, I understand the necessity to do so. It's bad to keep junk around for a multitude of reasons; one chiefly being it's not healthy.

Whenever possible, I recycle. I recycle everything I can actually: Paper, Cans, Bottles, Pets, and Cardboard. "Wait... did you just say Pets?"

So, when it comes to dealing with junk, what are we most apt to do? Throw it away. But there's a huge exception... Vehicles. There are countless numbers of used-car lots scattered around North America, and as a result, there's a huge surplus of vehicles that can be either had... or... you guessed it... RECYCLED! Even worse is the number of vehicles on the road, that shouldn't be on the road. Cars older than 10years that spew crap on each time their are started. Cars that leak their hazardous fluids. Cars that cost their idiot owners hundreds each year, because they are cheap bastards who can't be bothered to a) get rid of their junkers or b) save for a new car.

This is where Mr. Mondragon's comment makes sense. There are plenty of cars on the road that shouldn't be. Mondragon thinks that a good way to boost sales for cars is for the Government to pony up more cash for the scrap incentive. Good idea. Let's get these cars off the road by getting our government to pay people $3200 more than the current scrap incentive.

Good idea except...
1) there's no guarantee the hold outs will do it.
2) the government should not be on the hook for that stipend
3) why doesn't FORD offer this?
4) what's going to stop people who take on this offer from buying Asian/European offerings?

Clearly Mondragon is not running with all cylinder's firing.

Neither is the honourable George Smitherman.

Mr. Smitherman has called the OLG's decision to give away 22 Mercedes in the OLG's newest lottery offering, "crappy". I've got news for you... The OLG did the right thing. There isn't a single vehicle produced in Ontario by the big 3 that anyone playing a lottery would want. Besides... a measly twenty-two vehicles is NOT going to save the Auto industry in Ontario. If anything... that would've provided a few extra hours of work to our unionized friends. Not that it matters... the folks at the OLG have their own worries to mull over too.

Actually, I do have to step back here for a second. There are some fairly decent vehicles produced in Ontario that could have been put into the lottery winnings. The Acura MDX is made at the Alliston Honda plant. Sadly, that's the only decent vehicle getting pumped out by that plant. And then there's the compound in Cambridge... Toyota's. At that plant, the Lexus RX is produced. Not that it's really a luxury car, but it does have the essence of one - The Chrysler 300C could have been included in the lottery too, but only a fully loaded version, with 20'' dubs for wheels, XBOX360 in the back seat and a pooltable in the trunk. Or maybe not. A fully loaded 300C would have sufficed without that crap.

Speaking of Fully loaded... there's something that's bothered me ever since I got my car. Something the auto industry should be doing is reducing the number of available trims. Too many models out there with a handful of trims available. There's no need for multiple trims - CE, LE, SE, RS, ES, ETC., - All that's needed is just one model, your choice of colours, stereo, and transmission. Multiple engine offerings would have to go too.

I am by far no economist, but i'm sure many would agree that set price points would benefit the auto industry greatly. By this i mean, a sub-compact offering would be at a certain price range, and it would not have any overlap with the compact offering, and the compact has no overlap with the mid-sized. To a degree Hyundai/Kia has been doing this, and you know what, every day I think i see more of those on the road. But then again, that just might be because people aren't buying the shit made by Ford, Dodge and GM.

It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

It seems fitting that I should start some sort of writing this way, with that headline. Not because I'm a poor writer, or a fan of Bulwer-Lytton (or any other Victorian novelists), but rather, for the fact that I am a fan of good, simple writing. And an example that I recently enjoyed reading (finally) was Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time". A novel that I have gone on far too long without reading. Many have asked me where i got my nickname from, and it wasn't from that book, but i can see their fascination with asking me that - it's one of those words you always wished you took for yourself as a nickname/handle. Well... HA! I took it, so there! Suckers!

But back to the serious - so, why the headline? Because that's how the famous novel starts. Well, actually, it starts with the chapter title, "Mrs. Whatsit", but that's being overly technical. I'm not sure why L'Engle made that the opening line, but it did set the tone well, unlike Bulwer-Lytton.

The fact of the matter is, last night was in fact dark, and it certainly was raining, but it was far from being stormy. The weather was rather unremarkable, yet still annoying. I for one, do not like walking home from the subway when the clouds break and shed their excess moisture. I do however - at least if i am not driving that is - enjoy a related weather phenomena: Fog.

Why? because it can add a very strong dynamic to our... static world. Where everything is between black and white, Fog really makes everything fall into the grey area. This has been a bit of a problem for me in regards to my photography, as I have missed quite a few times, the opportunity to go out and take photos of this foggy city. Such as... this morning. Or maybe not.

This morning, has been particularly sunny, moving into a sky filled with partly cloudiness.

So there you have it... the first look at into my thoughts and reasonings.

Now... what am i going to do with this blogspace? Well... I have to let you all know. I am an avid amatuer photographer, picking his way along in the crazy world of image capturing. Learning everything i can that's withing my means and disposal. It hasn't been always easy, but i've had some great results along the way - and i'll admit even that i've had some disappointments, but i've made the best out of those too. So... part of this blog will be about photography.

Another part is... I work as an editor. Particularly as a Copy Editor, working on financial and business media press relation materials. I think. I guess that's a good way of explaining it. I'll admit, the answer for the question "What do you do for a living?" never results in the same answer twice from me, unless I'm being lazy and i just say "Editor".

So, part of my blog will be about the stuff that I come across in my line of work. I have to upfront and honest right away about this... My blog will ONLY contain information that has been made public. And chances are... I'll be writing about stuff more in the media relations side of the job.
That... and stuff I saw on downstream partner websites (i.e. Globe and Mail).

Lastly... I'm going to write about a few random topics. Of particular interest to me are the following: Cars, Archaeology, Music, and of course, Visual Art. The latter being not entirely contained within the realm of real art, but also the bastardization of the visual [e.g. Lolcats, internet memes and the sort].