Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cherry Beach and The Sky over Toronto

Last Weekend I took a few photos when i went down to Cherry Beach for a free techno party. Aside from the cold, it was pretty good. My only mistake was not bringing a heavier layer (jacket) and some sort of booze. I wish i did, cause both would've kept me warm for sure. ;)

Here's a few shots from my little photographic adventure at Cherry

Because These were taken around 5pm-ish, I had a good amount of "North Light" to work with. Although, the one picture of the DJ, did not benefit from Northlight, directly... No, that one was a case of my being lucky and having perfect light balance.

Now... this one was not what i was hoping for, but in the end, it gave me a little post-processing fun. Incidentally, it looked much better in Adobe Bridge (pre-processing), for reasons that escape me.

The Dippers overhead my place. I've outlined as best as i could, the two outlines of the most famous (non-zodiacal) constellations, in the sky. If i had a better placement, I could've also indicated Polaris and the twin galaxies M81/82, not to mention, the owl Nebula.

Well... the Owl Nebula is technically in this shot, it's just very faint. It's more easily resolved with binoculars or telescope (or better yet, a camera with a decent telephoto lens)

Taking a shot like this requires a bit of skill and a whole lot of understanding that... quite frankly I don't possess. The exposure i used was I think... 10seconds. I tried doing a 30min exposure, but I forgot to switch a setting in my camera that allowed that. The camera, as far as i can tell, turned off mid-exposure, thus not taking the photo at all. Note to self: next time change auto-shutoff to "never".


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That last one is a pretty cool one.

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