Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"No Questions Asked"

This phrase amuses me to a small degree. Companies that adopt this policy on returns, rock. Companies that don't, suck. And there are some companies out there that should be in the middle. "Few Questions Asked"

Like... Was it damaged in the Box? Did the product fail within first few uses? Did it not meet your requirements? Did it fail to get you off? Did it succeed at getting you herpes? and so on, and so on.

Seriously though... When an item sucks, and you want to bring it back and get a refund/exchange, I think you should be able to state exactly why you are bringing it back. "It sucked harder than "

Seriously. I would love that, just so i could do something like... Go to HMV and say "This Creed CD sucks". But I'd do that to hear the clerk say "yeah? that would be because Creed sucks" or some other sarcastic line.

But enough about Creed... Speaking of Jesus Rock... This weekend is Zombie Christ day. Be sure to make brains for brunch! (substitute caviar [no... not headcheese, that IS brains] and no one will be the wiser)


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