Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Directions, both in art and science


For the rather, somewhat inaccurate, "longest time" now, I've been writing in this blog sporadically. Whenever I felt I had found a topic to discuss. I love photography and I enjoy pulling out my XT, 5D and more recently, my iPhone (4s!), which I have found quite a few little 1x1 type photography apps that I have come to love and loathe.

Of particular interest here are the following two:

Both are fun little apps that give you that oh-so-wonderful retro 1x1 look. Sometimes, the results are not that great, but given that these apps are programmed to mimic the very same thing that made some "toy" cameras so popular, one should expect less than desirable results.

Only downside to these two apps... NO FLASH! [Although, flash is mimicked in 1 or 2 of the modes within either]

I like the iPhone for the freedom it has afforded me in terms of photography. I use a MEC Sling Bag - which an acquaintance was quick to point out last night, I usually overload. Taking the 5D, 70-200, both flashes and possibly some other items, can weigh me down a lot. In some cases, it can aggravate my shoulder (which I injured 2x different times many years ago).

Still, I plug away with all three options at my disposal. Perhaps in the near future I can consolidate down. But given that the iPhone apps have awoken within me, a love for the stupidity that film can produce, I may just finally add the Minolta to the bag.


I've been somewhat aimless as of late and decided that I needed to do something with my life, to make it better. I've decided that enough was enough, and working in client support for the Investor/Public relations’ field was something I no longer wanted to do. As such, I enrolled myself into a Communications and Public Relations course at the local community college, which incidentally, is my Alma matter, if that means anything. Centennial College is conveniently down the road for me, and taking this course means that I will be able to move into a new role, and be the guy that sends the information for guys like me to send out to the wires.

Lacking any real usable skills outside of my former vocation, made me make this decision. I have all the basics already to succeed in CCPR, and I'm hoping that I can take this one on and walk away Dean's listed. The only time in my life I ever made the Dean's list was in my first 2 semesters at Centennial, the first time around.

Given that I'm 30min walk away from CC's East York Campus, have basic skills already, and the course being an intense 2 semesters, I think I can do this. I know I can do this. I WILL do this.

So, what's that mean for Bringing The Light? Perhaps more posts - more regular posts - more, well written posts with proper grammar, spelling and such. ;)

I like writing... I just never get around to it. With what looks to be on the horizon, I'm gonna have to start loving writing, for the sake of my grades.


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