Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog Revision...

I wasn't overly happy with the way this blog displayed in native format, respective to the way the template is set up. The width is set to 500px, which i find somewhat insulting in this day and age of wide-screen LCD monitors. It has bothered me for quite sometime that there are quite a few websites out there that conform to the shitty 800x600 format still. THIS IS ARCHAIC.

Hell... I remember when everything went from 640x480 to 800x600... that was about 8-10years ago or so. I can't remember when exactly, but the fact that places like Myspace, Facebook, Blogspot, LiveJournal and the like all employ a standard thats somewhere near 10years in age, is really sad. True, there are many users out there that are still rocking shitty CRTs, set to resolutions less than 1024x768... but these will eventually go the way of the Dodo.

Back when i used Myspace (which was for a few months back in 2006), I took it upon myself to find a template that I could tweak the hell out of to gain a wider stance on my screen. The end result was a myspace page that was approximately 1200x850 or so. It looked awesome on 17'' monitors... not so great on other sizes. Nonetheless, I saw potential and reason to expand past the 600px wide constriction imposed by that bastard Tom.

In this new age of Social Media, we ought to be able to make things look better. We ought to be able to present information and content in a visually appealing manner. We ought to be able to maintain a fresh apperance. We ought to be able to be concurrent with the technology that we use. We aren't publishing newspaper articles, making them sized for printing. The New York Times has the motto: "All the news fit to print". That'd be Fit in the worthiness sense, not in the case of sizing. The internet is not constrained to these understandabel restrictions. Bloggers should be able to Print to Fit; that is... Write what they want, to the size they want. At least, that's how i want to interpret it as.

[While i'm at it... Spellcheckers can use updating too. Why isn't Blogspot or Wysiwyg okay by this websites own spellchecker?]

So... here we are. This is as best as i can do before it starts getting weird. Suffice to say, this wysiwyg format that Blogspot has... is not wysiwyg and that's a problem for me when i post photos. I like to line up paragraphs with the photos they are discussing. Maybe I'm alone on this, but i think that should be easily controlled by the user. I doubt it'd be a crazy amount of extra coding... After all, you can adjust picture justification settings at upload to your liking. Why can't we line pics up?

Maybe I should just conform my photos to 800x600 and use the pictures to break paragraphs... Maybe i should...


I'm done here. Thank you for reading this rant.


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